Saturday, April 30, 2011

end of 1002

This should reflect matters at the end of 1002.

I have arbitrarily deducted 2 Sp from England's active army to represent its last losses that were still unfulfilled.

The Danes may replace three elements.
The Normans may replace their only loss.
The English may replace three elements.
The Welsh may replace five elements.
The Norse Irish may replace two elements.
The Scots may replace all five of their losses.

Please send me your replacements and the starting position of your army for 1003. Once I have all those, I will check to see which player moves first in Spring 1003.

Friday, April 29, 2011

special report from our Scottish correspondent

The Welsh prince, full of bravado, landed at Mann to relieve the besieged Irish populace at Castle Mann. The Scots, seeking retribution for a disastrous Irish invasion of the Strathclyde, had been laying siege for months now.

The Scots elected to attack the Welsh Prince as the tide was out, keeping the Irish army on their boats all day.

King Malcolm III and the Eachernthiergna (Horse Lords) rode from left to right across the front of the pagan enemy encouraging his clansmen and thegn warriors forward from their traditional place of honor on the right of the Scottish line.

A dispatch of Scottish light horse fell to the javelin ambush of the Welsh psiloi, but the ensuing highlander charge drove them to the safety of the hillsides leaving the mounted Prince of Wales to face them in a stand off.

As the Prince of Wales vacillated across the field from the ferocious clansmen, Malcolm III and his horsemen slammed into the ranks of the Welshmen.

Inserting themselves between the water and the Welsh left flank, Malcolm's horsemen and thegns rolled up the befuddled and helpless Welshmen. Ignoring their pitiful cries for mercy, the Christian Scots dispatched thousands of the pagans and the fields of Mann ran red with blood. [Here your editor will interject the observation that, of course, the Welsh are all good Christians too, intent on slaughtering their neighbours to the greater glory of God.] The Welsh prince fled the field, leaving the Gracious Bishop of Villanova de Popecki to negotiate safe conduct for the Welsh camp followers and store of rarebit.

The main Scottish shield wall, watched the battle while eating cheese and drinking wine (again?).

Viewing this from the Castle of Mann, the besieged Irish, out of children to consume, surrendered to the gracious King Malcolm III, whose thegns shared their ales and venison with the wraiths who were once a thriving populace.

Let all take notice, it was the Irish who landed upon the coast of Scotland only a few months before. The gracious King Malcolm III welcomes the crowns of Wales and Ireland to call Him overlord and live full and pleasant lives free from the scourge of conflict and fried Mars bars.

Malcolm III
Rex and Nice Guy

the end of autumn 1002

We fought out the Battle of Mann last night between Wales and Scotland. I will defer to one of the combatants to provide a full report, but the outcome was a 4-1 win for the Scots who (after the Irish have their turn, in which they can do effectively nothing because they sent a contingent to the Mann battle) proceeded to complete their year-long subjugation of Mann by finally reducing its inhabitants to obedience.

I will provide an updated map over the weekend (and update the army lists and prestige totals). The Normans, the Welsh, and the Scots will be able to refill their armies from their reserves over the winter, but the Vikings (who can recruit only 3 elements), the English (who can recruit 3 but still need to lose 2 after a previous defeat), and the Norse Irish (who can recruit only 2 elements) will have some tough choices.

Also, could the Norse Irish please clarify their current status: have they voluntarily submitted to vassalship, and if so to whom? I have heard rumours, but I have seen no formal declaration by the Irish themselves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mid-autumn, 1002

The leaves are falling in the singing vallies as the initiative falls to the men of Wales. What direction with they march before the snows of winter begin?

Monday, April 4, 2011

early autumn, 1002

Here's a new map, showing the results of the latest battle.

The Danes passed, the Normans attacked, so that brings us to the English turn.

Oh, and the Normans got 5 PP for the last battle (goal differential + 2 PP for a leader). Plus VPs for York (which the Danes lose). The losses were the sole Norman LH v. 1 Danish Bd and 3 Sp, yes?